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 • September 2009-Kincardine Dash for Diabetes
 • July 2009-Goderich/Port Albert Dash for Diabetes
 • October 2008 -Ryerson RAC Dash For Diabetes
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Ryerson/RAC Dash for Diabetes All October Long Raises Funds in Memory of Adele Turcotte
Ryerson students are lacing up their running shoes this October for a good cause.

The Dash for Diabetes will be held at the RAC as a fundraiser for Adele Turcotte, a Ryerson student with diabetes who passed away last December. Turcotte's cause of death has yet to be realeased, but there is speculation it was related to her Type-I diabetes.

Frank Gardiner, one of the event organizers, is a regular at Ryerson's track. He decided to dedicate the run to Turcotte after the news of her death hit the campus.

The proceeds collected by the Dash for Diabetes will be donated in Turcotte's name to the Robarts Research Institute, one of Canada's best facilities for medical research. The dash is an eight kilometre venture - approximately 61.5 laps around the athletic centre's indoor track.

The Dash for Diabetes was inspired by Ayden Byle's 1998 cross-country marathon for diabetes research, which raised thousands of dollars. The Ryerson dash is an extension of a larger annual event taking place in the Huron and Bruce counties. This past August, the dash ran in Port Albert, raising $2500. The Dash for Diabetes has been running for six years now, raising close to $115,000.

Gardiner's goal is to run the marathon in about 50 minutes. He hopes that those who participate will keep track of their times and send them to him to contribute to the building of a database of average times based on variables including ages, weights, and heights. Gardiner also hopes the run can be used to promote healthy living. As a 64-year-old retiree, he thinks that the run is a good excuse for students to get active for a good cause.

“If they can't beat a 64-year-old, they should be worried,” he said.

“The idea is to compete against yourself.”

Although the event has yet to start, Gardiner is already impressed with the university's participation.

“Ryerson is a great university with a real good talent pool of students,” he said. “I'm very impressed with Ryerson students and the Ryerson community.”

Gardiner also hopes the annual event will inspire other universities in the fight for a diabetes cure.

“Maybe other universities will follow in Ryerson's example,” he said.

The dash will be back in March, giving those who participate in this month's event a chance to train to beat their times. The Dash for Diabetes runs throughout the month of October. For more information, contact the front desk of the RAC.

For those who don't want to run, but would still like to donate money, tax receipts are available for donations of $20 or more. Donation inquiries, as well as inquiries from anyone interested in helping with the event are encouraged to email Gardiner at gardinersales@sympatico.ca.

Credit: Nick Spector
Your 2008 DASH for DIABETES for our HURON/BRUCE COUNTIES brought in $2500 and counting!
The annual Dash for Diabetes took its first jaunt around the new 8 km, 5 mile triangle in Port Albert Saturday August 2, 2008. The event , in its 6th year managed to raise over $2500 and counting towards diabetes research. The funds raised will go toward children with diabetes in Huron and Bruce counties, and 70 per cent will head towards diabetes research at the University of Western Ontario. This year, coordinators described the dash as being in transition, and expect to see more people out in 2009. If you still have pledge money to send in, please make all cheques out to: CDN! ( cure diabetes now!) and drop off at RBC Goderich branch, or simply mail to:

Cure Diabetes Now!
23 Huron Street North (PORT ALBERT)
R.R. # 3 Goderich, ON
N7A 3X9
Robarts (UWO), Ryerson and Rensselaer make a Perfect Team for CDN!
(Left to Right: Pete Gardiner- Toronto/Goderich, Samantha Cook – Robarts Research Institute, London Ontario, Ayden Byle – Toronto/Kincardine)
8 years ago, Ryerson (Canada) and Rensselaer (USA) students got together at Gabby's North Toronto to create a hockey TV public service announcement and volunteer web site to help kids with diabetes. February 4th 2008 Pete Gardiner and Ayden Byle returned to their North Toronto home pub to officially present $ 4007 to Robarts Research for diabetes and $1530 to local area kids with diabetes in Huron & Bruce Counties. Premier Marine in London Ontario donated 2007 T shirts for all participants in the fun, family fitness Goderich to Glenfield 17.36 km run/walk/jog/kayak/bicycle annual August long weekend event.

“Our 8 year total so far is $114,000" said Gardiner "and we are attracting families of all ages from all over to help out and participate . We are a small grassroots cottage and local community event for and with diabetics and their families and friends of all ages. We raise money through pledges and 100% of all pledges goes directly to diabetes research. Because both Ayden and I have family roots in Huron & Bruce Counties, we also raise money for local area kids with diabetes to use for sports, school or whatever."

Ayden Byle, originally from the Kincardine area, ran across Canada for diabetes in 1997. Now working in Toronto, Byle added: “This year, we gave out $57 Christmas cheques to any diabetic kid 18 years or under living in Huron & Bruce County and we still have money left over. So if any diabetic child didn't get his or her Christmas cheque, please contact us through our volunteer web site at www.curediabetesnow.hurontel.on.ca or simply phone Pete or myself and leave a message at 519-529-3624 . We hope to inspire other Federal/Provincial ridings to run their own Dash for Diabetes for diabetes research and local area kids with diabetes in their areas."

The 6th annual Dash for Diabetes will be held this year on Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 with 7:30 am registration and 8:00am start time at the Port Albert Public Parking Lot (North Side), then 8 km to Port Albert public beach in front of 1862 log cottage. Everyone is invited to participate with our unique "FINISH DIABETES” finish line 10 yards out in Lake Huron.

Thanks also to our volunteer Glenfield Fair Play Committee, Compass News and the Goderich Signal Star for all their special efforts to make every Dash for Diabetes a fun, family fitness success!

And to all the 37 volunteers, 52 participants, our caring OPP, our caring Corporate sponsors and all those people from near and far who pledged to make our 2007 Dash for Diabetes a big success. THANK YOU!
NHL Draft Pick Pete Gardiner's Story of Triumph
Recently profiled in the Goderich Signal Star, former NHL draft pick Pete Gardiner delves into the topic of living with diabetes as a pro athlete. Click here to download (1.9 Mb).
Paul Henderson Supports D4D!
Canadian Hockey Legend and Noted Humanitarian Paul Henderson recently expressed his support for Team CDN! and their charitable efforts. Click here to view.
D4D 2007 Scorecard Shows Major Success!
Associate Director of Robarts Research Dana James recently congratulated Team CDN! on their continued good work and charitable efforts. To date, over $108,000 has been raised for local families of diabetics. Click here to view.
Glenfield for the Finish!
The official finish line of the 2007 Dash for Diabetes has been announced as the Glenfield log cabin at Port Albert. Click here to view.
RPI/USA Hockey Scholarships Connect Two Local Area Families
RPI/USA Scholarships
Port Albert residents Frank & Jennifer Gardiner with son Pete (RPI class of 2000) attended RPI hockey weekend and met Kurt Colling (RPI class of 2008) and his parents Dave and Kim from Ripley at recent RPI University hockey alumni reunion in Troy NY. Said Gardiner and Colling: "If your son or daughter are doing well in school and are playing AAA hockey, please explore the HUGE benefits of USA hockey scholarships for your son or daughter. RPI is a world class USA University and they like HURON/BRUCE hockey players who are top students as well! Canada simply does not have anything comparable at the University level." Click here to view.
Bob Clarke: "Keep up the Good Work!"
Hockey Hall of Famer and current member of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey organization Bob Clarke offered his support in the form of a letter to Team CDN! urging them to Keep up the Good Work! Click here to view.
Dungannon CDN! Luncheon with Paul & Eleanor Henderson
January 2006-Not only do we help one another on our annual DASH for DIABETES as per our website, BUT during this past year, we created a local Huron & Bruce written presentation to nominate

1. Paul Henderson (Lucknow/Kincardine)
2. Eleanor Henderson (Lucknow/Kincardine)
3. Ayden Byle (Tiverton/Kincardine)

Official written presentations were delivered personally by Frank Gardiner on February 28, 2006 before deadline.

In March 2006, we submitted a separate presentation to Ottawa for ORDER OF CANADA for Paul Henderson. And had discussions with a Mr. Denome (Goderich connected) to find out why Paul is not in "our" Hockey Hall of Fame!

 • Friday, January 26, 2007-RPI/USA Hockey Scholarships
 • Wednesday, November 1, 2006-Bobby Clarke Supports TEAM CDN!
 • Saturday, August 5, 2006-4th Annual Dash for Diabetes
 • Sunday, October 30, 2005-An Afternoon of Free Skating and Pizza
 • Sunday, July 31, 2005-3rd Annual Dash for Diabetes

The HARDEST thing in the world to sell is an idea.

TEAMWORK is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

"We can never give up the belief that the GOOD GUYS always win. And that we are the good guys." pg.85 The Popcorn Report 1990

Success to TEAM CDN! is..."to laugh often and much; to win respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends and family; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life had breathed easier because you had lived. THIS is to have succeeded." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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